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PostSubject: Achievements!   Sat Jul 26, 2008 1:37 pm

All right for people interested, here's some blue info on how the achievement system will be working.

"Achievements for killing creatures currently work in the same manner as quests which require players to slay creatures. For instance, if one has slain 10 Spore Bats before picking up a quest asking one to slay 10 Spore Bats, 10 more must be slain. In the same regard kills will not apply retroactively in the achievement system.

While some facets of old content certainly aren't visited as frequently as they used to be, these achievements are still entirely possible. We feel it may provide incentive for players to tread through older zones and instances. In this regard these types of achievements also differ from many of the "feats of strength" in that most of those are no longer possible to do.

Tigole:"We really wish the achievement tracking was live but it is not. There are significant changes to the underlying architecture of how data is stored and tracked that needs comprehensive testing. The first round of that testing was the Alpha test. The second round is now the Beta test. It wouldn't be responsible of us to put those systems in place on the live servers without a certain degree of confidence that we were not hurting the service.

I know how badly people want their past accomplishments recognized. We'll do our best to make whatever categories retroactive that we can. "

Here's a fine example:
Q u o t e:
The fishing Achievement "Master Angler of Stranglethorn", I don't understand why the fishing rod, or the trinket from winning the contest couldn't be used to verify that someone won the contest. I've got both items, and it kind of bites to not have that seen with the achievement as its not an easy contest to win on heavily populated servers. Took me nearly 7 months to win the contest two times, and I don't even want to contemplate the possibility of doing it a third time...

Ok, we updated it to check for the Arcanite Fishing Pole or the Hook trinket.

Also about what pozy has been asking:
For now, they are by character. Eventually, our plan is to expand these to account-wide achievements. More details to come in the future. For launch of Lich King, however, they will remain at the character level.

So there's still work to be done , still complaints bout how are you gonna prove that you really did that thing back then (since there's not 100% tracking atm) but some some achievements there will be retroactive yes indeed!
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